Perfect Cotton Underwear - 100% Cotton underwear for the little girl in every woman.

Smalls came into being at a turning point in my life. When I left Allure, I once again turned to Lisa Eisner, who by now was my nearest and dearest friend. She told me to make a list of all the things I wanted but could never find for myself. On the top of that list was "perfect cotton underwear." In researching photo shoot ideas, I would pore over photography books from the 70's and the women all had on these great little cotton panties that sat low on the hips. They were ubiquitous among the California surf girl culture as well. I was obsessed with finding them but they were nowhere to be found. The closest I came was little girls' underwear, but the sizing wasn't right; I wasn't seven anymore. All the cotton underwear for grown-ups seemed to be for the over-70 crowd, real granny pants.And so Smalls was born. The name came to me immediately. Obviously, it is my own family name, but it also ties into the idea of little girls underwear for women, and, in England, the lingerie department is called “Smalls”. Naming the line was definitely the easiest part of the journey. It took at least a year to get the patterns correct. I was determined to use 100% cotton, which means the fit has to be just right or it will sag. Adding Lycra makes the fabric cling to the body, no matter the fit, but who wants synthetic fabrics on your nether regions?! Cotton breathes. Believe me, 10 out of 10 gynecologists recommend Smalls. The other time-consuming part of the journey was developing the packaging. I loved the idea of selling it in a three-pack the way little girl’s underwear is sold. I came up with a large clear envelope to solve the problems that were always driving me crazy as a shopper. I wanted to see the front and back of the garment. The underwear lays flat because I wanted to be able to take it out of the package easily, no tape or plastic bits. I color-coded the styles for even easier identification. I added an easily read size sticker so you can just flip thru the packages and find your size quickly. Equally important to me was the inside label for the panties. Again it had to be 100% cotton so it was soft on the skin, and I had the label attached by two hand-sewn cotton stitches (which makes for easy removal for those of you who insist on cutting out the label). Once I got the underwear samples and the packaging samples, I knew I had a hit. Why? Because I love wearing them. I passed them out to friends, and they love wearing them. And they told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on and so on and so on. These panties are road-tested. They have even become a cult hit with expecting mothers (they fit below the bump). An added bonus, men find them irresistible. The story goes that Elvis had a dresser filled with white cotton panties. If any of his “lady friends” came over wearing lacy, frilly underwear, he would ask them to go to the dresser and pick out a pair to change into! What does the future hold for Smalls? Look for bras and tops and bathing suits that all have that Smalls look … “I wish they all could be California Girls”. Once you wear Smalls, you can never go back.